Boca Burger: Vegan

28 Oct

Vegan Boca BurgersToday, we found ourselves face to face with a vegan Boca burger or, as we call it, Del Boca Vegan*.  Let’s be honest here, folks, Boca is not typically an uber-popular product line.  Their classic burgers remind us of the the school lunch hamburgers from our elementary school days, a fact we both love and hate them for.    Still, we were curious and hungry.  Our initial reaction is that the color was sort of weirdly pale.  Yet we ventured on.  Burger heated.  Tomato, onion, vegenaise, mustard, and ketchup: check, check, check, check, and check.  Nibble, nibble, chomp, and suddenly our burger was gone.  Picture those old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials.  It was a lot like that.  Seeing as how we scarfed it down before we were able to take even the slightest of notes about it, we feel that the vegan Boca burger has earned the Veganewbie Seal of Approval.  Way to be, Boca.

*Joke included against advisement and better judgment.


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