Silk Soy Nog

8 Nov

Silk Soy NogSo, eggnog is pretty much the most unvegan drink there is, no? Even Beefmato has some veggie content. We’re getting off topic now… Point is, we picked up some Silk Soy Nog this weekend to see what the vegan version of this uber-festive drink was like. Our initial thought upon pouring a glass of it was that it seemed thinner than regular eggnog. Odd, as if there is one thing we can normally count on, it’s soy milk being just a smidgen thicker than we’d like. We continued on. The taste: not quite as strong as we’d like. Double odd, as if there is a second thing we can normally count on, it’s soy milk having just a smidgen too strong of a taste for us. That being said, when it comes to a beverage, we’d much rather err on the side of too thin and not enough flavor, so we can’t complain that much. The flavor itself was not bad, not bad at all. We just wish there was a little more of it. With that, Veganewbie awards Silk Soy Nog a Kick It Up a Notch and Get Back To Us.


One Response to “Silk Soy Nog”

  1. Craig November 9, 2010 at 8:36 pm #

    You’re spot-on about the flavor. It’s good, but it could stand to be a bit stronger. I almost think it might be sufficient to garnish the nog with a dash of nutmeg each time you pour a glass.

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